Exfoliating Mask with volcanic lava and activated carbon (6x10ml)

Facial cleansing and exfoliating mask with volcanic lava, olive kernels, volcanic rock extract that rejuvenate and renew the dull and damaged appearance of the skin.
Activated carbon in combination with kaolin cleanse the skin absorbing toxins, impurities and excess sebum and oiliness. Red wine, aloe and organic olive oil contribute to the healthy appearance of the skin.


1. Removes dead cells

[Volcanic rock + olive kernels + soft fine-grained perlite]

2. Cleanses the skin by absorbing toxins and impurities

[Kaolin + Activated carbon + Volcanic rock extract]

3. Renews the dull and damaged appearance of the skin

[Red wine extract + Aloe juice]

The package contains 6 sachets of 10 ml (5×2) each.

Weight 60 g

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